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  5 reasons to visit SPA regularly


The benefits of SPA therapy were known to the ancient Greeks. Using the energy of water, healing gifts of nature in the form of minerals and herbs, massages, improving and rejuvenating procedures - this is not just a procedure to have a rest, but a whole philosophy.

The etymology of the origin of the concept is definitely unknown until now. According to one version, it is the name of a Belgian town with healing and rejuvenating mineral source. On the other hand, the abbreviation SPA means "Sanitas pro aqua", which is translated as "health through water". To this day many healthy procedures you will be offered to have at the beauty salon are connected with water.

Now spa treatments are offered in most beauty salons, clinics, recreation facilities, and tourist centers. With their help, people rest, relax, take care of the skin and hair, get rid of excess weight and cellulite. A properly held spa works wonders!

Types and classification

To think over a single classification SPA procedures is practically impossible. There are too many of them and there are constantly new ideas arising. But you can distinguish three main areas:

  • -Thalassotherapy is based on the use of seafood: sea water, salt, seaweed, mud, sand.
  • -Mud treatment is based on the application of mineral-rich and therapeutic mud.
  • -Balneotherapy is the use of mineral waters and various natural sources. Thermal pools, for example, improve blood circulation, slow down aging processes, and activate metabolism. These include wrapping techniques and a lot of massaging procedures.

During spa procedures, herbs, balms, and aromatic oils are actively used. Special complexes and herbs combinations are designed to fight against cellulite or skin diseases. Having a sedentary way of life, insomnia, disorders of the nervous system, muscle pain or rehabilitation after injuries are cases when such procedures are irreplaceable.

So what are the main reasons to do SPA therapy?

The benefits of the spa are endless and can be discussed forever. And all this can be summarized, highlighting 5 main reasons:

  • -SPA procedures boost the metabolism, improve the functioning of the lymphatic and circulatory system, promote the saturation of the tissues of the body and increase the absorption of useful trace elements. Therefore, SPA combines perfectly with a healthy way of life and proper nutrition.
  • -SPA procedures promote natural purification of the body, saturate tissues with oxygen, remove harmful substances.
  • -Regular SPA therapy helps maintain skin tone, improves its regeneration, helps it to rejuvenate. Making fine wrinkles gradually disappear and the skin becomes fresher. And the same way spa help the muscles after training.
  • -The spa is not only about beauty but also about health. Procedures strengthen the immune system. This is especially important in the cold season, with a lack of vitamins and trace elements.
  • -Pleasant procedures help to relax, improve the psychological and emotional state. This is important after heavy workdays, in conditions of constant stress, chronic fatigue or seasonal depression.

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